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Sometimes, animals need help right now. For one reason or another, they can't stay where they are, and need to be placed somewhere on an emergency basis. Maybe their owner is hospitalized, or loses their house in a fire, or has some other reason for needing someplace for their animals to go right away - sometimes permanently, sometimes just for a little while. They can't wait a couple of weeks hoping a foster home will open up, or that one of the local no-kill shelters will have a place available. Sometimes, they just need a few weeks to get things situated, and then their pet can come home.

When it comes to permanent placements, many pets could go to rescues groups and shelters, and have a great chance of finding a good home. Not all shelters are no-kill shelters - so any animal, no matter how adoptable, might end up being put to sleep simply because it has run out of time. Rescue groups are ideal, but many of these groups run on volunteer time and space - and if they don't have space, you wait. Most rescue groups also require those who adopt from them to bring their pets back to the rescue organization if the placement doesn't work out for some reason. But again, what if they're full when that person tries to return the animal?

If a family emergency means you need to find a temporary home for your pet, boarding kennels are great, but they can be expensive. Openings in kennels in the Detroit area fill up fast - months and even years in advance, if you can afford the prices. Someone contacted us in late December of 2002, asking for help - their house had burned down, and while they were going to a hotel, they had no one who could keep their pets for them. They'd already lost just about everything they owned, and to add to their misery, their only option seemed to be losing their pets permanently as well.

We here at Mutts & Mutts think we have a way to solve all these problems - but we need your help. We envision a safe sanctuary for immediate placement of animals in need - someplace that other rescue groups can come to when they need an emergency placement, someplace families can place their pets on a short-term emergency basis. We envision a place where older, harder to adopt animals can stay as long as they need - if they can't find anyone to give them a forever home, we'll be their forever home.

Why us? We've got a lot of experience caring for animals, and a lot of experience doing rescue. We've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. We know most of the people in the area doing rescue work already, and we have a vet who is very supportive of our efforts. We've got contacts with the US customs office and their K-9 unit - we've placed several dogs with them already.

Why not do this where we are now? In all honesty, the area where Donna and her husband live is not particularly safe - gun shots are heard on occasion, and becoming more frequent. It's only a matter of time before some person or animal gets hurt. There's not enough space for more than a handful of animals at any given time, and there are so many animals in need.

Mutts & Mutts would like to create this sanctuary, with space for a full-time live-in care taker for the animals. At the very least, an existing property set up as a kennel would be ideal. But if one cannot be found, other arrangements will need to be made - finding property, getting all the proper approvals from city offices, building spaces for animals and humans, and so on. We want this to be a place designed with the animals' best interest in mind.

To do this, we need your help - no matter how much or how little you can help us. Even a dollar gets us one step closer to this sanctuary for animals in need.

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