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Our wish list

While there are many things we need, the list below covers those things we can always use, and those that are the most pressing needs.
  • blankets, rugs and towels - used ones are just fine
  • outside dog kennels
  • used wood privacy fence panels
  • dog/cat crates for showing the animals at adopt a pet sites
  • dog/cat canned and dry food is always needed
  • leashes and collars - used are fine, all sizes, dogs and cats
  • dog houses for our outreach program
  • digital camera for photos of animals (preferably something that can be used at off sites, without needing to be attached to a computer)
  • newspapers
  • bleach
  • phone cards
  • Costco or Sam's Club gift certificates
  • Help paying for license and insurance for a van that was recently donated to Mutts and Mutts

We exist solely on donations and volunteers. Monetary donations are always welcome and may be tax deductible too - see your accountant for more info.

If you're interested in helping with our adoption days, or in fostering animals, please contact Donna for more information.

Long term, we'd like to create a sanctuary - a place where rescued animals can be brought on a moment's notice, and where they can stay long term if they are older animals or in need of long term medical care before their adoption.

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